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New update: Built-in Live Chat and Form Conversion to Tasks

We’re happy to announce a new Easy Projects update (version 8.2.3)

In addition to the regular performance improvements and fixes, this release offers two new features:

built-in live chat

Built-in Live Chat button

Now any Easy Projects user can ask a technical or “how-to” question right from the application. If none of our support team members are available, you can leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

This feature will be available to all editions of Easy Projects until the end of this year. Starting from Jan 1, 2013 it will be present only in the hosted accounts and in-house accounts with Annual Support package.

Form conversion to Activities

Convert form to activity

The most requested feature since Custom Forms was released is now live!

Now you can convert your custom forms to tasks, issues and requests. You can specify and change the default mapping rules right on the Form details page. The default mappings can be overridden when you actually convert a record to an activity.

Version 8.2.3 is available as a free upgrade to all hosted clients as well as in-house installations with a current 8.x license or a valid support package (Gold Subscription).

Are there any other features and changes you’d like to see in the future releases?

Please leave us a comment below or submit your idea at

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