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Easy Projects Plugin: Project Management with Outlook

Howdy Folks!

Are you the type of person who lives in their Microsoft Outlook? Tired of switching between Easy Projects and Outlook, and wish there was a way to combine them? Well, it seems the Gods have smiled upon you, as that’s exactly what we created!

An easy to install plug-in allows you to see/manage/update your projects and activities easily from within Outlook. Importing all of your Projects/Activities, Users (as contacts) and Calender Events, you can easliy manage everything within one program. Below are some of the great time saving features you can look forward to:

1) Convert e-mails into new Projects and/or Activities. By simply right clicking on any e-mail, you have the options to convert it into a new object. A small pop-up will appear, allowing you to enter any additional information needed and will automatically update the database.
Converting emails to projects in Outlook

2) Easily locate and update any activity assigned to you. Using the “Task” portion of Outlook, all of your activities will be laid out the same way they are in your My Assignments page. Simply double click to open the activity and make any necessary changes – such as editing statuses, progress, message boards, time entries and more!
See Project Assignments in Outlook

3) Automatic Syncing ensure you’re always looking at the most up to date information. When you open Outlook, data is seamlessly brought in from your Easy Projects account and whenever something is updated, it will automatically update that information in the database.
Project Sync Outlook

If you’d like to learn more, and test drive a 14 day free trial – head over to

So, remember this holiday season, combining Outlook and Easy Projects is a good thing. Combining eggnog and beer….not so much.

Take care and Happy Holidays to you and yours!



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