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Project Gratitude Part 2: The Thank You List

The Canadians have had their Thanksgiving fun, but now it′s time for our American friends to have a turn at the dinner table! The upcoming US Thanksgiving holiday is a great opportunity for us to tell people how much we appreciate their efforts. A project is not a one-man operation, and despite being at the helm, we project managers need the help and support of many others in order to make a project a success.

To that end, I′ve drafted sample “thank you” messages for the people that make our careers happen.

To the Client

You employ us. You give us direction. You are our driving force. We thank you for showing confidence in us, and in trusting us with such a major undertaking. Thank you for your understanding and patience when we encounter bumps in the road. I′m glad to be working with you, and I hope the feeling is mutual.

To the Team

You are the legs upon which the project stands. Without you, the project would just be paper and ink. Thank you for your patience, drive, and dedication to the project. Thank you for stepping up when you need to, and for trusting my word. And above all, thank you for letting me lead–because without your support, I can′t do anything.

To the Vendors

Yes, I′m the one who brought you in, but that doesn′t take away from the fact that you helped us in a tight spot. When things got rough and we needed more hands, you were there to pick up the slack. You pitched in like you were part of the team, and you are.

To the Family

My job is stressful, but not just for me. It′s stressful for you, too. Thank you for putting up with the long hours, the absences, and the missed opportunities. For putting up with my “off-days” and faraway stares. I can be distracted and testy, but you′re always there to comfort me and remind me that there′s a life outside the office.

Thank you.

Please don′t feel limited by this list. If there is someone you′d like to thank who isn′t mentioned above, write a heartfelt Thanksgiving message for them. Spread the gratitude, and show people you appreciate them!

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