AlHowdy folks!

I’d like to start off this months newsletter with a phrase “You asked, we answered”. Due to the overwhelming request for a mobile version of the project management software, we locked our developers away in a room with only water, bread and their computers – and they exceeded all of our expectations (some developers were harmed during the making of this app).

A beta of the mobile version is available right now to any account using Version 8.2.5. Simply go to your smart phone web browser, enter your URL and include a “/m” afterwards (example: There is no need to download additional programs, and this version works across all popular smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android, Blackberry etc). Perfect for the travelling Project Manager that doesn’t want/need to use their laptops – they just want to quickly check/update something. Also for a team member who is always out in the field: if they want to quickly update their time logs, they can do so with just a few clicks.

(Click on the images above for an expanded view)

Chock full of features, here are but a few of the things you can do:

My Assignments page: see all activities assigned to you, and update their status or message board(s)
Time Logs: allows you to see past entries and immediately update your own
Create a New Activity: used for quick task creation
What’s New: allowing you to see what has been recently updated in projects/activities assigned to you
Shortcuts: to menus and more!

We wanted to take the most useful aspects of task management, and make an easy to understand interface. If there are other areas you’d like to see added, please just let us know. So go ahead, give it a try – it’s free and ready to use right now. If you find any “messages” about someone being held hostage, please disregard, they’re just..…um…….joking.

If you have any suggestions about a future newsletter, please feel free to let me know by writing an e-mail to



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