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Project Management News Digest: March 11

Hi everyone,

Guess what? Easy Projects headquarters just got a brand spankin′ new water cooler installed.  In honor of our new H20 generating device, here are  five project management digest articles and productivity blog posts bound to make good water cooler chit-chat for this Monday afternoon:


Project Management

Some Benefits of Using Project Management Software For Your Business” 

This article from Tech & Science provides a nice summary of the reasons why businesses should use project management software. Naturally, we at Easy Projects fully endorse this line of thinking.

Project Management No Longer Just for Project Managers” 

Mindjet is right on the money with this article because it′s not only officially designated PMP project managers who need to know how to manage projects, but everyone from the marketing team to the accounting department.  Projects, tasks, deadlines, and schedules are a part of all jobs, and really, to take it to an even more macro-scale, just a part of life in general.  Everyone benefits from learning to become a better project manager.

Read more to find out more about how “Agile Kills the Project Management Star” , and how businesses are changing project management to utilize and empower all employees to increase  efficiency  and effectiveness in the office from the Mindjet article.

Why Techies Won′t Solve the GOPs Problems” 

Using a  great football analogy, Kellen Giuda writes an informative piece explaining the necessity of good managers to business. Just like how athletes don′t necessary make the best team managers, techies don′t necessarily make the best project managers. Read more from his article at Forbes to learn why project management is a skill-set in its own right, that must be learned, practiced and perfected.

At Easy Projects, we′ve been thinking about  how to become an effective project manager  a lot lately. Join in our debates about whether  good project managers are born or made, or whether or not the  PMP certification is necessary to be an effective project manager.


9 Top Productivity Busters: Time Management Tips” 

BusinessManagement Daily brings us a list of 9 horrible time-suckers threatening our productivity. Sure, there′s a lot of obvious advice, like to monitor your texting and email usage, but they are good reminders all-the-same. Additionally, number 2′s advice to create templates for messages you send over and over”“rather than rewriting common e-mails  every time”“is very helpful.

12 Unconventional Habits of Highly Productive People” 

This post on Marc and Angel Hack Life is an oldie but a goodie. If you aren′t one of the 2.4k people who have already “liked”  this article, check it out to learn small, but effective habits successful people have that contribute to their success. The list includes habits like meditation, speed reading, optimal breathing and loads of other strange but imaginably beneficial daily practices.

That′s all for this week. Come back next week for more project management news, and feel free to check out  last week′s articles  in case you want to read more.

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