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3 Benefits of Project Management Software for Creatives

Sometimes those of you in creative fields shy away from adopting new software at work. Perhaps you′re not very confident in your ability to use technology. Maybe you just always have a thousand things on the go and don′t have time to sit down and learn new software.

However, project management software doesn’t have to be a hassle to learn (some are really quite easy, especially with the aid of webinars and training sessions)… and adopting it will end up saving you tons of time!

Furthermore, there are unique benefits of project management software for creatives.  Make your work-life a lot easier and read more:

1. PM Software Complements Your Skill-Set

Your spontaneous and imaginative right-brained thinking allows you to excel in fields like marketing, design, and media. However, when it comes to organization and do it, but it zaps the energy that you could use for things you′re good at and enjoy.

That′s where project management software comes in. Project management software is the quintessential left brain: always organized, supremely methodical, and completely reliable.  Let the project management software take care of storing all your project files. The software can remind you of deadlines and display your tasks for the coming week.

2. See a Visual Lowdown of Everything Going On

If you′re a creative type, you probably have a penchant for visuals. After all, why sort through pages of text to figure something out when one picture can say a thousand words? Project management software understands the communicative power of visuals and provides an overall view of all your projects.

Most PM Software have lots of charts and graphs built right in.  For example, built-in project health indicators let you spot a potential problem in less than 5 seconds.

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3. Keep Track of Ever-Evolving Assignments

Working in creative fields, you always have a million things on the go, and just when you think you have everything under control, you get a phone call from a client: “Oh wait, can we add just this one small thing in?”

“Of course”, you say, “no sweat ...let me just replace the font on the brochure that′s scheduled today to go to print.”

Requests start piling up and you ferociously scribble down the latest project requirements.  Then your client acts surprised that the project got pushed back a week. Maybe once or twice you′ve even been accused of not doing what the client asked (“Oh, I actually wanted the logo  there...I told you.”)

Project management software helps you in these situations because it allows the client to directly input requests into the project database by his/herself, so all requests are recorded exactly as your client envisioned it. Additionally, new requests are tracked separate from the original scope, leaving no room for confusion for either party.  This way you can provide estimates on how it will affect the original schedule and both parties can see in writing what is happening with the project.

If you’re interested in learning more about how project management software can benefit you and your creative team, feel free to email us at [email protected].


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