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Service interruption update

Yesterday (September 10, 2012) around 1:30 pm ET, we discovered that a number of our websites, including the ones hosting Easy Projects accounts, were no longer available to us or our customers.

We immediately checked our physical servers and ensured that all systems were up and running. Further investigation showed that the problem was caused by our DNS provider, which could not resolve our website names (i.e. and to the respective IP addresses.

What Happened

At the same time, millions of websites around the world were down due to the same issue. The root cause ”“ one of the world′s largest DNS providers,  GoDaddy, was experiencing a major outage.
Because GoDaddy′s own website was down, we couldn′t move our DNS records to a different provider.

Our Actions

Once we knew exactly what was happening, we posted an update to all of our social media accounts (Twitter,  Facebook  and  Google+)  with an instruction on how to access your Easy Projects accounts directly via an IP address:

It′s worth mentioning that the actual  Easy Projects servers and systems were fully operational the entire time,  however we understand that if you were not able to access your project management account during this time due to an issue with GoDaddy′s DNS systems, it was still a major inconvenience and we apologize for the disruption in your workflow.

By 5:43 pm ET GoDaddy restored most of its services and Easy Projects website and accounts were accessible again using their hostnames.

What Happens Next

We already started setting up back-up DNS servers with a different provider that will ensure that this situation won′t happen again.
In the unlikely event of another outage ”“ please check our  Twitter  account for status updates or call us toll-free (888) 261 9878 or +1 (416) 907 9444.

I can′t stress enough how sorry I am about the inconveniences and disruptions caused by this incident. Our team will keep working on adding  redundancy to all elements of our systems to provide you the best service possible.

As always, we thank all of you for your continued support of Easy Projects. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any other questions regarding this outage, or Easy Projects in general. We are here to make project management easy for you!

Vadim Katcherovski

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