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Simple project management Software: Easy Projects – Easy Life

simple project management software

Project management. Just two simple words are able to create such a huge difference for millions of companies out there. A relatively new (just about two decades), but essential addition to the insanely dynamic business world of today, project management continues to grow and attract millions of people to master the art of initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and closing of various projects.

Sounds like a lot of fun and worldwide recognition to me. With all the popularity around the newborn profession (close to a million project manager positions in the world as of today, which are estimated to grow by 1400%, or 15 million positions by 2020) and the amount of money that is estimated to be spent on it (over $6.6 trillion worldwide from 2010-2020, what the hell is that number really?!) project management is already considered to be a necessary factor for ANY project success. To make a tiny comparison: The International space station costs about $100 billion and if you are a sci-fi fan (like me), it will cost roughly $500 billion to construct a starship (or something as close as we currently can to a starship). Just in case you are interested, all the money owned by humanity converted into dollar bills is worth about $241 trillion.

Now, while project management is a top notch profession to go after, it’s natural that project management is complicated to say the least. When you really get into it, constant, countless issues, both big and small, can drive mad just about any person. When there seems to be no way out of it, we are here to guide you through the endless tunnel of darkness all the way up to “Lux Aeterna”.

Easy Projects is a simple, web-based, end-to-end project management software designed to meet the needs of most businesses. With thousands of users worldwide including Harvard University, Ernst & Young, Toshiba and more, Easy Projects does what it was designed for: make project management effective, time efficient, simple and productive.

Client Feedback

When it comes to software and computers, no other profession will have a harder time using it than doctors (trust me, I come from a medical family). If doctors find Easy projects easy, everybody else surely will.

“A clinic comprised of a dozen medical professionals engaged me to adapt standard IT project management tools to their business. The business is to manage complex cases where people have had a catastrophic accident. Their challenge is to manage all of the activities of all of the medical professions over the period of one to two years of rehabilitation. These medical professionals found it easy to learn to use Easy Projects. I looked at about a dozen other packages that all claimed to be user friendly none came close to EasyProjects in terms of ease of use and function. In addition, all were more expensive too! EasyProjects is a great price performer, and the support is great!” – Bill Stewart, Contract Project Manager

Founded in 1991, Digital Mail Limited, a Unified Messaging company based in UK, switched to Easy Projects from Microsoft Projects to improve project delivery and time tracking.

“Easy Projects was successfully deployed in Digital Mail Limited to improve delivery of projects and time tracking for activities. Following a study and an evaluation phase, Easy Projects was implemented and immediately fulfilled all our requirements and provided business benefits from Day 1. Simple and effective, yet flexible, Easy Projects can be applied to all project methodologies, from Prince2 to Agile. We would now recommend Easy Projects as the main contender to Microsoft Project Server!” – Farhan Chaudhry – Applications Manager, Digital Mail Limited

Icom Informations and Communications L.P. a full service provider in terms of targeting, data communication solutions and analytics for pharmaceutical, market research and auto industries in NA is exploiting Easy Projects with over 90 active members unexpectedly easy.

“I have never imagined that the large scale roll-out like ours (we currently have close to 90 active users) could be that simple. Everything was easy: installation and configuration, user training, and of course, daily use.

What I love about it most though is that by a very, and I mean very, conservative estimation we were able to save at least 10 minutes per request for team members and about 5 minutes per request on my time. That’s savings of approximately $45,000 a year!” – Ramesh Rajasundram, IT Manager, ICOM Information & Communications L.P.

If you are looking for simplicity, efficiency, cost savings, productivity, user friendliness, communication smoothness, ease of integration, security and awesome customer support, but can’t find all of those in one place, then you have landed on the right page.

No matter what project management methodology you choose to go with, no matter what your team size is, Easy Projects will be there to back you up, 24/7. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed -)

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