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Streamline Project Workflows with Inter-Project Dependencies

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During a project’s life cycle, assistance from various departments may be required to move forward. Easy Projects new Inter-Project Dependencies  feature, available for Enterprise accounts, simplifies this process by offering the ability to create a more efficient workflow.

In the past, dependencies in Easy Projects were restricted to within a single project plan. With our new feature, you can create connections to any other project in the system, even those being managed by other Project Managers.

Inter-project dependencies enable you to:

  • Visualize complex relationships between critical projects.
  • Forecast how a change will impact the workload of different teams.
  • Coordinate project schedules more efficiently in order to maximize the use of resources.

How to Use Inter-Project Dependencies

Inter-project dependencies utilize the same easy drag-and-drop interface as our regular dependencies. Simply draw a line between the tasks of two different projects to access this tool.

Read about our new feature available for Enterprise accounts in our Knowledge Base and let us know what you think by sending your feedback to  [email protected].

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