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The State of Work and Project Management 2019

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We recently conducted a survey to better understand how project managers are navigating through the ever-evolving work landscape. Specifically, we wanted to understand  how  they work and the challenges that they face.   To gather this information we sent out  a survey  to over 6,000 project managers. Here′s what we learned:


  1. Work management is still a very scattered operation.

Work management operations are scattered because project managers are using many different tools to get the job done. The top three management tools are Email, Spreadsheets, and Shared Documents.

  1.  Leadership and Executives  are becoming more demanding

Project managers seem to be under a lot of pressure as the demands at work increase. They reported an increase in work volume, stress levels, and compressed deadlines.

  1. Delivering projects and work on time is still a struggle.

The age-old challenge for project managers is trying to deliver things on time.  From an executive standpoint, it′s often difficult to understand why this is happening. We′ve got some answers.

Project managers report that, lack of processes, wasteful meetings, too much work to complete (not enough time allotted, poor prioritization of work, and communication/ collaboration issues as the top five reasons for work not being completed on time.

  1. Project Management Software is integral to getting work done.


With all of the challenges, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The light comes in the form of setting up the right tools and processes for teams to do their best work.  Project managers report very positive reactions toward project management software. It allows them to reduce the number of manual tasks, keep up to date with team progress, helps to reduce time spent in meetings and is helpful in quickly creating reports.

  1. Most Project Managers Feel that Artificial Intelligence Will Have a Positive Impact


Artificial intelligence in project management software has only just begun. With bots that are able to automate simple aspects of a project, like adjust deadlines, create tasks etc., they′re here to help get rid of the mundane tasks so we can focus on doing real work.


Here is how our project managers feel about AI:


If you would like to  access the full results State of Work and Project Management 2019, download it here.

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