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Easy Projects: Minor update 8.2.4

Easy Projects has been updated to the version 8.2.4
A lot of the changes and improvements in this release are related to the Client Portal:

New “Done” button added to the Client portal
Done button for activities
It will allow Limited Access users to quickly complete an activity.

Messages can be edited only for 15 minutes after being posted
Edit messages
This change will ensure that communication history integrity stays intact, while allowing to immediately fix trivial typos and mistakes.

Limited access are not able to see project level messages any more
This changes closes a security risk that allowed Customer to view messages and files that were not necessarily intended for their eyes.
Please note that this option can be disabled – contact support for assistance.

E-mail notifications for new (or deleted) messages and files are now sent to the creator of an activity or project where that event took place
email notifications dialog
The notification workflow was changed to offer better control and monitoring over files and messages for the creators/owners of the projects or tasks.

Approval workflow statuses fixed on the Interactive Activity List
Now statuses that require approval are shown on the Activities List (Silverlight) page

Version 8.2.4 is available as a free upgrade to all hosted clients as well as in-house installations with a current 8.x license or a valid support package (Gold Subscription).

Are there any other features and changes you’d like to see in the future releases?

Please leave us a comment below or submit your idea at

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