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Are there any good sources of information that I can use as we start to implement better management of our projects?”  – that′s the question we were asked during one of the recent training sessions.

Yes, there are plenty of really good resources on the web-site dedicated to the best project management practices, advice and discussions.

Here are the top 5 we really like.

A Girl′s Guide to Project Management
This award-winning blog created and supported by Elizabeth Harrin offers lots of practical advice and guidance.

allPM is a web portal containing a variety of free and useful PM resources including whitepapers, podcasts and articles.

Gantthead is one of the oldest online communities for IT Project Managers. You′ll definitely enjoy its comprehensive download library.

The Tao of Project Management
An interesting and entertaining attempt to apply Taoist philosophy to the every-day project management routine.

The PM Podcast
This site features a number of great podcasts for a variety of topics: improving your PM skills, finding the best templates, managing project risks and much more” ¦

Do you have a favorite project management blog? Please share it with us.

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