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Version 7.3.4 Released!

I’m happy to announce the availability of Easy Projects .NET version 7.3.4

While working on this minor update our team was primarily focused on improving user experience through GUI tweaks and bug fixes. However there are few new features available as well.

Here is the list of main changes in 7.3.4:

New Activity Selection drop-down on the Time Log page

This is a new drop-down control that we hope is going to be popular, in which case we’ll introduce it on other pages (your suggestions are welcome!).
New drop-down on Time Log page

In addition to the built-in search capabilities, this control also allows you to filter your list of activities by category or activity type. That can be particularly useful when your team members have a lot of tasks assigned to them.


“What’s New” dialog is now available by demand only

It looks like we might have been too overzealous in our desire to let everyone know about the latest changes in EP.NET. We’ve heard your feedback and removed the pop-up dialog with the list of latest changes. Now it’s going to be available only from the Help menu.

What's New Dialog in Help menu

Users’ pictures facelift

A minor interface tweak – all user pictures are now shown with a little frame around them.

Frame for users's pictures


Resource Loading Report & Actual End Date

Another minor adjustment implemented based on the feedback received by our support team. The Resource Loading report won’t take into account the Actual Completion date for any open activity (can happen if a completed task was re-opened).

Please note that this is the final release of Version 7.x, and the next one is going to be Version 8.0. It’s scheduled for release in September and here you can preview the upcoming features in Easy Projects .NET 8.0


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