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Version 8.2 is released. New Module: Custom Forms

I can’t count how many times our clients and prospects have told us:

“we are constantly receiving requests for new projects from outside clients or internal departments. The requests come in various forms: email, Word or PDF documents, HTML, handwritten sheets. Then we have to re-enter this data into our PM system. If the request is approved, we have to re-create it as a project. There must be a better way!”

We listened.

And now I’m proud to unveil one of our most exciting feature in years – Custom Forms.

We’ve increased the power of on-line project management – Big time!

This module allows you to design your own forms to capture any information you need with an option to attach files, and much more.

Once the form is created, you can make it available for all users in Easy Projects or embed it into your website/intranet. The latter option can be extremely useful if you want your customers or website visitors to be able to submit a request or inquiry.

After the form is submitted, you can convert it into a project or an activity or simply link to an existing one.

The possibilities are endless: Project requests, Tracking job candidates, Surveys, Contracts, Inventory, capture Lessons Learned, etc.

Now your project team can eliminate redundancies, drastically reduce or eliminate customer telephone calls/emails, lengthy meetings, or phone conferences, and improve customer service levels.

All hosted accounts will be automatically upgraded to version 8.2 within the next few days. The in-house upgrade package is available at our Download Center.


Vadim Katcherovski
Chief Make-It-Happen Officer

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