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Jennifer Lawrence NEEDS Project Management Software

With her recent Oscar win, growing resume, and rumored relationship with Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence is set to be “the next big thing”. Of course, what this really means is that now more than ever Jennifer Lawrence NEEDS project management software.

How else will she manage her television appearances, award shows, and filming days?  Without a sophisticated tool like project management software, Jennifer Lawrence might be facing disorganized chaos worthy of the Hunger Games.

Already she has found herself in situations where project management software would have been helpful. There is no further proof of this than in her Oscar Interview that has been making its rounds on YouTube.

Jennifer Lawrence truly got hit with some tough questions that would have been a lot easier to answer if she used project management software.

1. PM Software Helps When Stakeholders Question You about Project Slip-ups

“The fall on the way up stage...was that a fall? What Happened?”

Jennifer Lawrence′s infamous fall on the way up the stage to accept her award resulted in a bombarding of questions from reporters wondering if it was some publicity stunt. They demanded both her comments and a recovery report.

“What do you mean what happened? Look at my dress!”

Poor Jennifer Lawrence couldn′t have been more confused by this line of questioning. To her, it was completely obvious why she fell: the resources she was given (high heels and a long dress) increased her chance of slip-ups along the way.

Project management software would have been Lawrence′s saving grace here. Before accepting the award, with one click, Jennifer could have updated her activity status to send a notification out to all important stakeholders.

Oscars Activity

By giving stakeholders a heads-up of what was to come, Jennifer Lawrence could have saved her breath and ignored the spitfire round of questioning after her fall.

2. Silence Inquiries Regarding Workflow Processes by Showing Not Telling

“You look so great in that dress. What was the process of getting ready? How many people helped you?”

With project management software, Jennifer Lawrence would not have to explain tedious workflow processes. When asked to explain her pre-Oscar routine, she could have simply generated a report from her activity list, project summary, and detailed time sheet, exported them into Excel or Pdf files and handed them to paparazzi rushing her with questions.

“What was the process? ...I dunno? I just woke up, tried on the dress?...I′m sorry I did a shot before”

Jennifer Lawrence would not need to rely on her memory and seem unprepared and disorganized to project stakeholders with project management software. A PM software with built-in report generators makes it easy to show stakeholders the progression of your project, providing visual proof of daily developments.

3. Know the Health of Your Projects with Built-in Project Calculator

“Is it a good thing [success] is coming so early? You don′t worry about peaking too soon?”

When asked about a future projection of her success, Jennifer Lawrence wouldn′t have to guess about her likelihood of project success with project management software.

“I hope so. I mean who knows. I guess we′ll see…”

Built in Earned Value Analysis (EVA) calculators in some PM software automatically evaluates the effectiveness of your project schedule on the overall health of your project, by taking into account a project′s Cost Performance Index (CPI) and Schedule Performance Index (SPI). An automatic calculation of EVA shows what projects are healthy, at risk, or troubled, giving project managers a general idea of how everything is progressing. This would let Jennifer Lawrence confidently answer questions regarding her likelihood of future success.

All in all, it′s great news that Jennifer Lawrence has her Oscar, but with a few more projects in the works and stakeholders coming at her with questions, it′s time for Miss Lawrence to get organized and get project management software.

What did you think of how Jennifer handled her Oscar questions? How has project management software helped you? Leave your comments below.

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