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Project Management News Digest: March 25

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Hi everyone,

what do you all think of Easy Projects new blog layout? Isn’t it pretty? I sure think so.

Anyway, it is another Monday, which means it’s time for another installment of technology and project management news through the eyes of Easy Projects.

Project Management

Why Lance Armstrong Needed Project Management Software

This fun infograph that has been making its way around the Internet displays how project management software would have helped Lance Armstrong organize all his lies. It’s fun, it’s cute and it’s a good overview of the benefits of project management software. If this article is up your alley, Easy Projects’ has similar thoughts on Lance Armstrong and how celebrities could benefit from project management software.

Five Ways Gen Y Will Alter Project Management

This is a really great article from the Project Management Institute on how Generation Y will impact the field of project management. As a Gen Y’er myself, I can vouch for all five points, especially “make it lean” and “make it enjoyable”.

Assessing Your Project Management Skills

“Are you more concerned about being everyone′s friend or getting a job done right?”

This quiz from For Dummies encourages introspection about your strengths and weaknesses as a project manager. Prepare for some personal reflection as you go through the ten questions.


How I Became a Password Cracker

Arstechnica brings us the story of Nate Anderson’s venture into the world of password hacking. The article opens with Nate accepting a challenge from his editor to successfully crack a password. Since it is  allegedly  super easy–“script kiddie stuff” even–Nate begins scouring Internet forums for tips and techniques. Find out whether Nate’s quest was successful at the link above.

Advertising Big Data and Why It’s Not Always so Bad to be Watched

If you’re the type to get creeped out when you see a relevant ad pop up as your browse the Internet, check out tech journalist Matt Braga’s positive perspective on the pluses of being watched.


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