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Al Santos


Oct 31, 2012 by Al Santos in PM Best Practices & News

Import from Excel / CSV: Useful tips

Easy Projects - Project Management Software

Howdy folks! I recently had the pleasure of helping a new organization implement our software. They migrated from another PM tool, and wanted to “hit the ground running”. There was no way they would be willing to re-enter all their existing data: projects, activities, time logs, users and customers. Luckily they were able to export ...

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Aug 2, 2012 by Al Santos in PM Best Practices & News

How to Automate a Marketing Department

Easy Projects - Project Management Software

A friend of mine (let's call her Holly) works in marketing and would often tell me how challenging it is to process requests for new marketing materials from both her company departments and external clients. Holly’s team accepts new requests via phone calls and e-mails, which is the method they've always used. However, just because a process has been adopted, doesn't mean it's the best one. Sometimes the requests wouldn't be stated clearly, resulting in follow up phone calls and emails. Sometimes the requests would be incomplete, requiring clarification. Sometimes another member of her team would input the data incorrectly into the spreadsheets and would cause quite the confusion and chaos.

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