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Vanessa Fiorido


Vanessa Fiorido watches a lot of YouTube at work. Sometimes she blogs about project management.

Vanessa Fiorido in PM Best Practices & News

Gamify Your Project

Gamification, the practice of turning daily tasks and processes into games, is taking the business world by storm. And for good reason. Operating under the idea that everything is more fun as a game, gamification is a newly popular tactic that marketing teams use to improve consumer engagement, and teachers implement to inspire student learning. ...

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Vanessa Fiorido in PM Best Practices & News

Dead-End Project Management Techniques

project management

We all have different project management personalities. But, let’s face it, some personalities are just more likable. We’ve blogged before about 5 effective project management methodologies and when to use them. Plus, we’ve provided an outline that describes when to switch your management style. Still, there are dead-end project management techniques that project managers have ...

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