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9 Advantages of Task Tracking Software that Can’t be Ignored

If you are a marketing agency and rely on multiple online software applications, whiteboards, notes and human memory for your task management, think again. Ever faced the problem of inefficient or faulty task execution resulting in double the work and missed deadlines? Maybe employees forget to note minor, yet important changes, which leads to unpleasant consequences? Lack of efficient task ...

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Should you hold a project kick-off meeting?

Posted by Maxim Yakubovitch on 8:30 AM in Team collaboration

  The success of a rocket flight is majorly dependant on its launch. The same is true about a project - a kick-off meeting has a great influence on the outcome. I’ve heard of projects where the project manager never organized a meeting and the project team only received project details via email. If you were in their place, you’d probably be pretty confused. You would ask all sorts of questions ...

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4 Project Management Worst Practices

We 've been talking a lot about what a project manager can come up with to increase the overall work efficiency, that it seems like there are no drawbacks at all. This includes  everything - different methodologies, daily meetings, how to communicate with your team and clients, how to start your day effectively, what are the most productive hours of the day and so on.

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Create a Better Version of the My Assignments Page in the Activity Center

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Back to Work! Top 10 Productivity Tools for Marketers in Fall 2015

Being a marketing manager means keeping track of one million things and constantly evolving your toolkit to fit the times. As a marketer who works in the field of productivity, it’s my duty to share with you the amazing tools that I come across in my constant hunt for perfect organization. Project management software is one thing, but there’s no tool that does everything for you. Here’s my ...

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8 Best Twitter Accounts for Productivity

As August comes to an end , it's time to start a new, with batteries charged and determination written all over our faces!

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Fast Fails=Success! How to Turn the Tides in Your Favor

Failure is probably the worst term you want to put up with during your work day. It’s so easy to fail when making a plan for a project. Even the most experienced managers can never be 100% sure that their plan will work and produce results for clients, despite all the efforts from the team.

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How to prioritize your priorities when everything is a priority?

  A typical day. You walk into the office and in a matter of seconds, a truckload of tasks come flying at you from every direction, each one screaming “I NEED TO BE DONE RIGHT NOW!” In just five minutes, your head already feels overwhelmed with all the stress and inability to make out which of those tasks needs to be done right now, and what can be postponed for some later time. It’s not even ...

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Easy Projects Update: Posting messages by Email

We’ve got another update to Easy Projects, and this is an exciting one! This update simplifies and speeds up the way you interact with your team using Easy Projects. You can now post messages into your Easy Projects message board directly from your email inbox. All you need to do is reply to the email notification associated with that activity, and that message will be posted directly into your ...

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Dealing with Employee Turnover: 5 Secrets Great Marketing Managers Will Never Tell You

Employees leave. It’s a reality businesses have to deal with. While mediocre managers wish on their idols that employees stay forever, the competent ones face this challenge head on. You might be in slight state of panic thinking about how to deal with all the turmoil that follows after an employee resigns but you should never let this feeling overtake the fact that your company is still running ...

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